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Listed below is what I've been up to training wise -
if you would like to see my training schedule click here

Monday, Dec 1
First I can't believe its the first of December, wow.  I've started Base 3 of the training schedule and my weekly training volume now begins to increase.  The nice thing about it is that my weekly routine now takes on a different complexion - a welcomed change.  Also of note I've started focusing on my nutrition more and realize that I might have been under fueling myself and not placing enough emphasis on fats and protein.  The next few weeks will tell as I begin to change my nutritional plan. 

Sunday, Nov 30

After hanging in the city for most of the day I came back and went straight to the gym for the start of a new phase in my weight training - strength maintenance.  Transforming into an endurance athlete is a humbling experience in the gym.  I now only lift weights once a week and light weight at that, it's not bad just different.  The change is good - I like it. 

Saturday, Nov 29

Today was a mentally challenging day - I had an hour bike ride where I had to keep the rpm's above 90 and my legs were willing but my mind didn't want to go.  I pushed through.